Tennis Tip #1:

Serve – Starting the point. That is the main purpose of this stroke. It is also the most important thing to remember. Start the point. Players at all levels get caught up trying to do too much with their serve and forget that to win your serve, you’ve got to get it in (preferably on the first serve).Image result for tennis serve

So how do you get it in?

1. Take a little off of it. The pros can blast aces, you can blast faults.

2. Reach up and hit the ball at the highest point you can. If you climb a ladder to the point where you contact the ball, you can see more of the service box over the net. The higher you hit the ball, the better your chance of hitting the box.

3. Add topspin to your serve. Use a 
continental grip (like holding a hammer), swing up with a motion from 6 to 12 on the clock face.

Stephan Kirlew
Head Tennis Pro
Westport Swim & Tennis