Experience the Fun of Pickleball


Fun, social and friendly; this game is all the rage due to it’s adaptability for all ages and all fitness levels. The rules are simple and the game is easy for beginners to learn, but can develop into a quick, fast-paced, competitive game for experienced players.

A mix between tennis. badminton and ping-pong, all you need to get started are a couple of paddles, a court, comfortable clothes and athletic shoes.


For Newbies

This clinic is designed for people that have never had a paddle or racquet in their hand but are curious about what this hype is all about.

Pickleball has a very short learning curve; you can be playing in no time and enjoying the social aspect of the sport.

This clinic will introduce you to the game and learn the basic strokes needed. Come and see why thousands of people everyday are catching the pickleball bug!

Groups limited to 20 players max.
1 Hour Clinic $15 pp
1 Hour Clinic w/racquet rental $20 pp

Stroke Master Class &
Game Improvement

Now that you have mastered the basic strokes, it is time to learn more on improving your game.  Mastering that third shot drop, playing from the kitchen, or just learning how to play more effective doubles is the focus of this clinic.  Limited to 4 players per court, the clinic will focus on game situations and how to execute a winning strategy.

Groups limited to 4 players max.
1 Hour Clinic $25pp

Private & Group Lessons

Grab your spouse, family member, friend, neighbor or member at the club and sharpen your game with drills and practice to put you in game situations. Improve your fitness and your court strategy at the same time.

Single $50/hr members
Member $60/hr non-member

2 Players $30/hr pp

4 Players $25/hr pp

Pickleball Rules