We cannot thank you all enough for your support!!
Willie, the kids, and I cannot thank everyone enough for your support. The overwhelming number of people who have offered to help clean up, bring meals, take the kids for playdates or just sit and cry with us is amazing.
We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts!
We also realize that our community is hurting as well and you all have questions.
Here is what we do know…
We will pause this coming week with tennis while we meet with inspectors and the insurance company to assess the damage and establish a plan.
We also need some time to order all new teaching equipment.
We will plan to start back with our Junior & Adult Clinics the week of October 19th.
We will update everyone again mid-week as we have more information.
To those of you ready to clean up, be on standby!
Trust me, we want to get started on that right away so we can be back up and running in any capacity allowed. We also need to have some patience as we wait for the insurance company and inspectors to give us the OK.
Thank you again to our members and to the entire community for your support.
We have an amazing Westport Family & we are so blessed.
With love,
Robin and Willie